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Pooshan Plastic Co.  As one of the subsidiaries of PMA Industrial Group, has started its business since 2001 with the aim of increasing the quality of packaging. At present, the company adopts eight advanced production lines in line with world standards as well as the most experienced personnel in the production of superior packaging products. The company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Administration for all its products and multi-layer films produced in this company have the ability to be stretched, sealed, printed, and touched by food. Over the last few years, the increasing quality of products produced by Pooshan Plastic Co. has caused this company become one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers in this industry. Currently, the products of this company are being consumed among the most reputable factories in the food, pharmaceutical, packaging, ceramic tile and textile industries.



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Nowadays, in the process of evolution and development of various industries, the packaging industry is a pioneer which has evolved into the first line of development and dynamism because for the emergence and presence of various items of products on the market, the packaging is required.In this regard, packaging wrappers which play the role of accompanying public goods in the market, in less than three decades, have been able to create a good position for industries and products that contain contents of the wrappers. It did not take long that the simplest form of packing wrappers was imported to Iran even for simple biscuit and chocolate products. But today, structurally complex wrappers, such as layers of packaging of juices and soups, baby food, medications, etc., are produced inside the country.This potential, which is happening, is a promising transition for alterant and food industries that no longer has an export concern because of packaging.